The Probiotic Jar Anaerobic Fermenting Equipment

Fermentation is an ancient form of food preservation and one of the most nutritious! Fermenting our food increases nutrient value, predigests sugars and glutens, making nutrients more bio-available to our bodies.

My experience with fermentation:

Over the years, I have tried several methods of fermentation, including open crock, Mason jar, special airlock plastic lids and silicone-type lids, all attached to a Mason jar. There was one common denominator with my fermenting results -- discoloration, "off tasting," mold, and oftentimes, mushiness. For a season I gave up altogether -- until I learned about anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation.


Archaeological evidence dating back thousands of years in multiple civilizations around the world, supports that fermentation was done anaerobically. We now have the convenience of a modern day fermenting vessel that is simple to use and provides great results.  The vessel of choice shown here and that I carry in stock for my local customers is The Probiotic Jar Anaerobic Fermenting System. Here are some of its features:



✓  The jar is imported from Italy and consists of thick, sturdy lead-free glass.

✓  The grommet hole in the lid system has been carefully engineered to be perfect in every way, then hand-finished to ensure there are no sharp edges to wear against the grommet, causing erosion or tearing that could lead to oxygen leakage into the vessel. The food-safe grommet has a life-time warranty.

✓  The Probiotic Jar team are highly committed to educating in the proper use of the vessel, providing videos and helpful resources at their website. See more here.

✓  Reseller's are trained in educating about anaerobic fermentation, and to provide support on your journey in anaerobic fermentation.

✓  Each fermenting vessel includes the jar, hand-finished lid with airlock system, lead-free brine bowl, mini muslin drawstring bag, and fermenting brochure with starter recipes.

I am pleased to be an authorized Reseller for this fine quality fermenting vessel. To support my local customers, you can order and pick up your fermentation vessels and equipment directly from me. Other customers may order directly from The Probiotic Jar website.


New to anaerobic fermentation? A great place to start in your journey is to attend this very comprehensive class.


If you are attending an upcoming workshop or simply wish to add to your jar supply, please contact me on the form below.

.5 Liter Jar System

.5 Liter Jar System: $36

.75 Liter Jar System

.75 Liter Jar System: $37

1 Liter Jar System

1 Liter Jar System: $39

1.5 Liter Jar System

1.5 Liter Jar System: $42

2 Liter Jar System

2 Liter Jar System: $43

3 Liter Jar System

3 Liter Jar System: $45

4 Liter Jar System

4 Liter Jar System: $47

5 Liter Jar System

5 Liter Jar System: $55

Magnetic Brine Chart

Magnetic Brine Chart: $6

Storage Salt Jar + 1 lb Salt

Storage Jar 1 lb Salt: $18

Airlock Cleaning Brush

Airlock Cleaning Brush: $6.50

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