A Brief Account of My Health Journey

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

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Guest Blog by Anna Kasprzak

Anna is my (Dianna) daughter-in-law -- and mother to 9 of my grandchildren!

It's no secret that the soil that we depend upon for growing our food has become depleted of valuable nutrients and minerals. Food just isn't what it used to be 100 years' ago, when nurturing the soil was a consistent and vital part of farming. Consequently, today's food is grown in nutrient-deficient soil and lacking in nutrients. Additionally, the food is hybridized and pesticided to tolerate shipping and "look good" in the store -- not to nourish and sustain the requirements of our bodies. Long-term usage of pesticide, insecticide and fungicide usage has killed the essential microbiome that exists in life-sustaining soil.

Even organically-grown food suffers. After decades and decades of neglect, along with waterways that are contaminated, organically grown food -- although superior to pesticided food -- still doesn't reach the nutrient density of the food that our great, great grandparents were raised on. As much as we try to replenish the soil with sustainable gardening methods -- and that is exactly the commitment that organic farmers have -- we simply cannot get the spectrum of nourishment that we need for living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

I rejoice that God has allowed me to have nine healthy pregnancies spanning just thirteen years. Remarkably, my bone density was tested this year and found to be good! A second report from a separate source tested my mineral levels and found them to be sufficient -- rather than lacking -- which one would expect after nine full-term pregnancies.

God has been kind to sustain me and allow me a good measure of health. I believe He has used a high quality mineral product to help do that, which I have taken as faithfully as possible for the busy life I have as wife and mother. This scientifically-backed edible mineral product also effectively acts as a detoxifying agent as well. It supplies over 50 trace minerals in correct ratio, particle size, and grade, for proper health balance and best absorption. It's an excellent calcium supplement, colon cleanser, immune booster, and detoxifying agent, and establishes better metabolism and assists with weight control.

Not all clay products are created equal, nor are all edible. I am eager to introduce this product to you, along with several other exceptional products that will benefit your whole family. Where? At the upcoming "Essentials for Living" Event!

If you are interested in knowing more, please check out our FREE event coming up on September 29, 2019, at 2:00-4:00 pm. Free samples of this mineral product I have shared here (along with other samples) will be offered at the "Essentials for Living" Event!

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